Eyewash Station - Single Station w/Eyewash Solution

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Bottle Capacity: 32 oz.|Contents: Full|White, highly visible, high-impact plastic|Pre-moulded shelf design to hold one or two bottles|Wall stations can accommodate 1 or 2-32 oz. eyewash bottle or 32 oz. premixed solution bottle|Mirror included to view contaminated eye or face|Four pre-drilled holes allow for easy mounting or relocation|Bilingual instructions|Eyewash solution: - Sterile solution designed for the cleansing and relief of fatigued or irritated eyescaused by exposure to chlorinated water, foreign materials, dust, smog, smoke, pollen, wind and other air pollutants - Contains 1.9% w/v boric acid|Eyewash bottle (empty): - Easy to squeeze flexible polyethylene bottle with built-in perforated eye cup allows for a thorough and gentle flushing of the contaminated eye - Snap on lid keeps cup clean and free from air particles - Drainage tube and air vent valve prevent the contaminated and used solution from entering back into the bottle